Curated apps

NGES and ML apps such as SeisSol, Tandem, FeBE, RSQSim, Jupyter and others will be available for anyone to use.

Curated data

Provides input configurations and output results for select simulations with curated apps.

Curated pipelines

Preset simulation pipelines for select earthquake scenarios.

Integrated computing

Interactive and batch computation resources will be integrated.

Collaborative workspace

Projects and groups will enable and support collaboration.

FAIR Publishing

Users can publish FAIR artifacts such as executable software applications, reports, data and other content with DOIs.

Community contribution

Users will be able to contribute apps, data and other material.

Reduce barriers to

Access, expertise, software, compute and data resources.

Catalyze & empower

Community wide reuse & sharing of research products.


Your research, education and workforce development efforts.

Advance Science

Rupture forecasts, Earthquake physics & Hazard estimates.